What our customers are saying


"You have no idea how your services have impacted me and my family! Yesterday was a whirlwind...I got all three kids off to their locations, did a home visit, visited my kindergartener at lunch, came home to grab lunch, went to meetings, picked the kids up, fed them, they went to football, I taught {my fitness class}..... BUT MY HOUSE IS CLEAN! To have a clean home improves my mood, sanity, and just overall ability to function!!! Iā€™m so thankful for you and your service yesterday! Looking forward to scheduling our next cleaning!" - Amber M, Kentwood, MI 





Imagine coming home after a long, hard day at work. You pull into the garage and sit for a minute before going in because you're tired and feeling overwhelmed. You've got the kid's school and extracurricular activities as well as dinner to prepare. As you get out of the car and enter your house you feel a great burden lift from your shoulders. Your house is sparkling clean and smells fresh! That smile that comes across your face is what makes our day. We love helping others reclaim their time with those they love.

Our cleaners come ready and equipped to give your home a sparkling, clean shine! We provide all equipment (except vacuum cleaner), cleaning supplies and cleaning cloths. We use fresh mop/steamer heads, dusting and cleaning cloths in every home.

To prepare for your cleaning day, we ask that you do the following:

  • Find a good spot for your pets so they and our cleaners are safe and comfortable while your home is being cleaned.
  • If you or your family members are home on your cleaning day, we ask that you remain in a part of your home where our cleaners are not working. If you have guests staying at your home and you are not home on your cleaning day, please let us know in advance. 
  • Remove any clutter that might be an impediment to us effectively cleaning all surfaces. This includes any clothing, jewelry, shoes or kids toys on the floor, toiletry items on bathroom sinks and dressers, and dishes in the kitchen sink. 
  • Be sure to leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter if not previously arranged. We also accept all major credit cards. Payment is due prior to service.

Following these steps allows our cleaners to work more efficiently and provide you the best cleaning day possible.


As a residential cleaning service, our main focus is on cleaning the surfaces of your home.  

That being said, we do not wash dishes, polish silver, food prep, dog walking or childcare.  

We also do not clean up after pets which includes kitty litter boxes, urine and pet feces. Outside of the normal splatter that may happen in bathrooms, we also do not clean blood, urine nor feces on floor.

Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services of West Michigan, LLC is a BBB Accredited Cleaning Service in Grand Rapids, MI