The Many Uses of Dawn Dish Soap

The many uses of Dawn Dish Soap

We at Sparkle & Shine love Dawn Dish Soap, because it is a gentle but powerful cleanser that doubles as a degreaser and a disinfectant. On top of that, it is environmentally friendly! Besides cleaning dishes, here are some of our favorite uses for Dawn:

Sanitizing cleaner

Mix a tablespoon of Dawn with warm water into a spray bottle to use as an eco-friendly sanitizer for most surfaces (excluding fabrics). Dawn is gentle enough to preserve stone, wood, or painted surfaces, but strong enough to kill any germs lingering there. 


Dawn is great for cleaning dishes, but it also works to degrease a variety of other things, such as stovetops, the inside of ovens, oil spills in the garage or driveway, even hairbrushes!

Glass Cleaner

Same as the sanitizer, mix a tablespoon of Dawn with warm water for a gentle glass and window cleaner that won’t leave streaks or funky odors.

Label remover

Lather a glass jar label in Dawn and let it set for 5-10 minutes. It should peel right off!

Toilet bowl cleaner

Out of Clorox? Dawn has your back. The powerful degreaser will lift any stains in your toilet without the harmful bleach getting flushed into the ecosystem. 

Garden pest repellant

We’re not sure why bugs hate Dawn, but we don’t care! Dawn naturally repels insects and small rodents without harsh chemicals that harm your plants. 

Tires and hubcaps

After your husband is done with the dishes and heads into the garage, tell him to take the Dawn with him! It’s great for cleaning and polishing tires and hubcaps (same recipe as the sanitizer/glass cleaner) and won’t leave any harsh chemicals or odors behind. 

DIY Ice Pack

Fill a sandwich baggie halfway with Dawn and freeze it. Viola, you have an ice pack that isn’t rock hard! Even if it breaks, you won’t have to call worry about its effects on your kids or pets.

Jewelry Cleaner

My grandma’s favorite jewelry cleaning hack is to cover her gold or silver jewelry with Dawn and scrub it with an old toothbrush. I know it sounds weird, but her jewelry (and mine!) are cleaned, disinfected, and sparkly!


Happy Cleaning!

-Sparkle & Shine Cleaning