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Customer Guidelines

What you need to know

Access to Your Home

When you hand us a key to your home or give us garage codes, we want you to feel confident that your home is in safe hands. We screen our employees by having them submit to a criminal background check. When we are not given a key or garage code to gain access to your home and are not able to gain access upon arrival, we assess a 50% fee.


We will assess a 50% fee if you cancel your scheduled Cleaning Day with less than 48-hour notice. Cancellations include the following:

  • Unable to access your home
  • Payment failing
  • Norunning water
  • Noelectricity
  • Noworking air conditioning.


We understand that life happens, and there are times when changes must occur. If you wish to reschedule service, your rescheduled date MUST be made within 5 business days of your originally scheduled service. Any rescheduling that occurs 5 business days out of the original service date is subject to a $10 fee for each week outside of the regular recurring schedule.

Wiping Stovetop

Notice for Recurring Clients

We have provided the list of skipping fees for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service which will be added as an additional fee to the upcoming cleaning service:

  • Weekly- $10.00
  • Bi-Weekly- $15.00
  • Monthly- $30.00 (Exceptions include acts of nature such as storms, hurricanes, power outages, or events beyond your control)


Any one-time or Top to Bottom Services requires a 50% down payment. COMPLETE PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF SERVICE. The third time payment is not provided at the time of service, we will request a credit card number to be held for backup payment. If we receive two NSF checks in 12 months, we will require a credit card number for backup or prepayment three weeks before service. We accept all major credit cards:



Tipping is appreciated but not required. A suggested tip is 10-15% of your fee. You can add a tip through our Client Hub when you go to add your card information. You can also call, email, or text the office to add a tip to your cleaning service.

Your Cleaning Day

Our Cleaning Technicians come ready and equipped to give your home a sparkling, clean shine! We provide all equipment, cleaning supplies, and cleaning cloths. We use a fresh mop or steamer heads, dusting, and cleaning cloths in every home.

Preparing for Your

Cleaning Floor with Cat
  • Find a good spot for your pets so they and our Cleaning Technicians are safe and comfortable while your home is being cleaned.

  • If you or your family members are home on your Cleaning Day, we ask that you remain in a part of your home where our Cleaning Technicians are not working. If you have guests staying at your home and you are not home on your cleaning day, please let us know in advance.

  • Remove any clutter that might be an impediment to us effectively cleaning all surfaces. This includes any clothing, jewelry, shoes, kids’ toys on the floor, toiletry items on bathroom sinks and dressers, and dishes in the kitchen sink.

  • Following these steps allows our Cleaning Technicians to work more efficiently and provide you with the best Cleaning Day possible.

What We Don't Do

As a professional residential cleaning service, our main focus is on cleaning the surfaces of your home. That being said, we do not move furniture, take apart or take down light fixtures, wash dishes, polish silver, organize, nor provide food prep, dog walking, or childcare. We also do not clean up after pets, which includes kitty litter boxes, urine, and pet feces. Outside of the normal splatter that may happen in bathrooms, we also do not clean blood, urine, or feces on the floor.

If an infestation of insects and/or rodents is identified, the Cleaning Technicians assigned to your home will leave. You will be contacted immediately and our standard cancelation fee will apply.

Inclement Weather Policy

We recognize that inclement weather and other emergencies can affect our ability to open for business and our employee’s ability to get to work. In the event of inclement weather, you will be notified via email and text. We will also post on our Facebook and Instagram. The safety of our employees is paramount in any emergency! No policy can cover every potential emergency, so this policy covers the most common. Fortunately, emergencies and inclement weather days are infrequent, but these are the guidelines for when they occur: When an emergency such as these examples occur, the company is closed.

  • over a foot of snow falls
  • electricity is out
  • heat in the winter is not available
  • flooding affects transportation
  • the governor declares a weather emergency and asks people to stay off the roads

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We want your Cleaning Day to be a positive experience! When you come home at the end of the day, we want you to feel like a burden has been lifted off of your shoulders. Therefore, if we don’t get it right the first time, we will come back out to make it right as soon as possible.

Environmental Stewardship

In our commitment to safety and environmental stewardship, we use mostly eco-friendly, green cleaning products in your home. We are committed to creating safe environments in every home we clean as we help you and your family, as well as our team members, live and work in safer environments free from the effects of harmful toxins and chemicals!


We love referrals and appreciate it when you tell your friends, relatives, and neighbors about our services. For every referral you send our way that becomes a recurring client, you will receive a money-saving $25 gift certificate.

cleaning product

Our Mission & Vision

In our commitment to service and excellence, we take pride in offering our clients quality service at a reasonable price. Our vision can be summed up in our SHINE values. Our SHINE carries through in every aspect of our business and embodies our values and beliefs.

We are committed to providing cleaning services that are safe for our clients, team members and the environment.
We want to create a happy and uplifting work environment for our team members as well as create a positive experience for our clients.
In every aspect of our business, we are committed to relating with others and our resources with integrity, dignity and respect.
Because we value our community and the people who live there, we believe it is our responsibility to impact them in a positive way and help add value to their lives.
Environmental Stewardship
As part of the larger community, we realize our responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth and its resources.

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  • We, Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services of West Michigan, LLC strive to select cleaning products that are safe for the environment, and safe for your home as much as possible. The client releases the company, its owner, and all employees from liability for property damage from products used in cleaning your home whether recommended by us or the client.
  • To provide you with a 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee, we require Top to Bottom Cleaning before the start of any General Maintenance Service. If the client declines the Top to Bottom Cleaning, the client declines the 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Some areas of the home will come cleaner than other areas depending on the condition and build-up and may not be completely clean on the first visit. Therefore, the results cannot be guaranteed.
  • Upon inspection of the home on your initial cleaning by our Cleaning Technicians, an up-charge may be added if more time is required.

We value our employees and pour an enormous amount of time, energy, and expense into our screening, hiring, and training process. This agreement helps safeguard our success in providing only the best staff to our deserving clients. Sadly, some people want quality without paying for it and attempt to undercut our efforts by trying to “poach” our employees. It is for this reason that our clients and employees sign our “unfair solicitation agreement”. If breached, a fee of $2500 (for damages) will be assessed. This helps to minimize the risk of unfair solicitation which undermines the good experience all our clients have come to expect. Please help us maintain our extraordinary success by not soliciting our employees for hire in any capacity directly:

  • I understand that the Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services of West MI, LLC employees are not allowed to engage in a working relationship with me for one full year after employment termination.
  • I understand that I will be charged a $2500 finder’s fee if I hire a Cleaning Technician employed by Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services of West MI, LLC on an individual basis for private work.
  • I understand I may be billed a partial fee for failing to provide access to the home upon arrival if we are unable to get in to clean or are turned away at the door.
  • I understand payment is due at the time of service, and my credit card number may be securely retained as a backup payment for undisputed delinquent balances.
  • Solicitation of a Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services of West MI, LLC employee for private hire will result in permanent termination of services and forfeiture of any unused gift cards and/or certificates as well as the $2500 fee.