Why Hiring A Housekeeper Was One Of The Best Things I Ever Did!

There’s this notion—especially in today’s society and with social media—that moms have to do everything. They need to keep the kids fed, dressed, and alive, all while making sure they don’t get too much screen time and educating them at the same time (by playing, getting creative and artistic, and letting them run around); they need to keep the house clean from clutter, and everything dusted; they should always do all the laundry, and keep the floors clean; they need to wear makeup, get their hair done, put on clothes (other than yoga pants), and look “put together”; they need to have breakfast ready, lunches packed, and dinner on the table at night; they also need to schedule some “me” time from time to time, and by all means, they most certainly need to have enough energy at the end of the day to make the husband happy…if you know what I mean.

All of that, my friends, is not possible. (And if you say that it is, I say that you’re lying.)