How Often Should I Wash…?

Knowing when to clean commonly used items in your house can seem like an overwhelming task, but don’t worry! We’ve compiled an easy-to-follow list with tips and tricks on keeping track of them. 


Depending on how much you sweat, once a week or every other week should be enough to keep away the oil, germs, crumbs, and other gross things that collect in bedsheets. They can be thrown in the washer and dryer like clothing. Add baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to remove blood or other body fluids. Regular laundry detergent should be able to sanitize them, but be sure that yours include a sanitizing ingredient. 

Pillow Cases

Every week, especially if you have oily skin or hair or bad acne. Oils build up on your pillow case, as well as bacteria and germs. Washing this regularly, especially those belonging to teens, can make a big difference in your skin and hair. Silk pillowcases are great for reducing oil and bacteria transfer, and can help with morning bedhead. 


Depending on how heavy foot traffic is on them, once a week to once a month should be plenty. Your kitchen mat in front of the sink will see more foot traffic than a decorative living room rug. That kitchen mat should be washed once a week, especially if your bare feet are on it. The living room rug can be done once a month to get rid of dust, germs, crumbs, etc. and will restore it original texture and color. MAKE SURE YOUR RUGS ARE MACHINE WASHABLE BEFORE WASHING THEM IN YOUR WASHING MACHINE. 

Cell phone

If you’re on your phone half as much as your kids, it should be sanitized daily. Hand sanitizer will kill any germs on your hands, but will not prevent the ones that accumulate once you touch your cell phone after putting it on. Cell phones accumulate more germs than toilets do, so this is important!

Throw pillows

If the covers are removable, once a month should be enough to remove dust, germs, or crumbs that have gotten stuck in the fibers. If the cover is not removable, every few months will be more appropriate. Make sure that your pillow covers are machine washable, or that no decorative beading or glitter will come off during the wash. 


Since the stovetop should be cleaned regularly after each use, the inside of the oven should also be wiped down after each use (after it’s cooled down – don’t try to wipe a 400 degree oven!). If your oven is self-cleaning, it should be run every 3 months (less if it’s used less frequently, more if it’s used more frequently). If your oven is not self-cleaning, oven spray is available for purchase at most grocery stores and should be used every 1-2 months. 


Nick Miller once said, “I don’t clean the towel, the towel cleans me!” He is not-so-blissfully unaware of how many germs and dust accumulate on towels, especially bathroom towels. Bath towels and hand towels should be washed every week and changed regularly. Towels that are used less frequently, like decorative kitchen towels, can be done once a month. 


Like with towels, people often assume that because the dishwasher cleans dishes, it does not need cleaning itself. Not true! With all of the water, old food, and soap scum buildup that gets trapped in the dishwasher after being closed all of the time, it is (grossly) common for mold, mildew, bacteria, and food scraps to begin to grow in corners, cracks, and crevices. This can be remedied by placing a cup with half water, half white vinegar into the dishwasher and running a normal cycle. The vinegar will kill any odor, mold, mildew, or bacteria growing in your dishwasher. 

Happy cleaning!

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